Stories about our BBQ and what we grill on it.

Turn off the grill and gamble


The winter can be hard to get in some good grilling. The BBQ is buried under snow and the lawn chairs are in the shed.

How do you fill the time til spring rolls around?

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Betting for those who BBQ


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Good day to all my fellow grillers.

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When the burners won’t light, there is often an obstruction in the fuel supply line. This normally occurs between the on-off valve on the barbecue and the burner.

The usual culprit: A bug. Even when the valve is off, insects can nest in the line. Keeping them out is tough to prevent — even wrapping the unit in a plastic bag hasn’t done the trick.

So you’ll have to deal with it on the other end by cleaning them out. Here’s how:

•Remove the cover that conceals the metal line between the burners and the on-off valve on the barbecue (not the on-off valve to the propane tank).

•With the fuel tank completely off, disconnect the fuel line.

•Immerse the line in cleaner and use a long, soft, narrow wire to thoroughly clean the inside of the fuel tube. We use auto parts cleaning solvent and air pressure from our compressor. Never put the line back unless you know it is completely dry.

•Replace the parts as they were removed only after spraying soapy water on the connections to insure that there are no leaks. If a leak exists, the soapy water will bubble.

If you are experiencing uneven heating, chances are your burners are rusted or corroded.

When a burner is new all of the holes are the same size. As grease and food make their way to the bottom of the barbecue the burner ports often become partially clogged. Also, rust can wreak the same kind of havoc.

All that is needed here is a wire brush, an ice pick and 20 minutes of your time. Barbecue burners are usually very easy to remove. That’s because they are designed to be easily removed for cleaning.

Remove the various layers between the cooking surface and the burners, and then simply remove the burner. It may be wise to review your owner’s manual on how to perform this task. Use a wire brush to completely clean the burner surfaces and scrub until a shine results.

Use the ice pick to loosen fragments caught in the burner holes. Clean until all of the holes look about the same size. Use an air compressor at your local gas station if need be, and ensure that all debris has been removed from within the burner.

A dirty cast iron barbecue grill grate is easy to clean. Here’s how:

•Get a bowl of plain water and a long grill cleaning brush (the metal kind).

•Get the barbecue as hot as you can get it.

•Submerse the cleaning brush in the water and immediately scrub a rung from end to end until all the water disappears (about seven seconds). Repeat for each rung.

•Finally, lightly coat the grill with oil to season it.

You should not use this process on stamped metal grill (the kind that looks like the top of a broiler pan). It will warp and twist and be damaged beyond repair.

Picture of the week


Tales from the Quebec Grill


These were submitted by Kyle when him and his wife went on vacation to a small cottage in Quebec.

Kyle also wanted to pass along this link. There is a list of some of the coolest BBQ's you will ever see and never be able to afford.

Thanks Kyle.

Long time grilling


Well it has been a long time since I last posted. Not a lot of grilling going on but that is no real excuse. I have been working on other ventures a lot more I guess.

No worries though, I am back with another tasty dish called tales from the grill.

Yesterday when we got back from a long dog walk we had a quick grill fest in the back yard for lunch. Burgers were the dish and we were the diners.

Nothing fancy just old school grilled meat on a bun.

Tonight however we stepped it up and allowed the bbq to perform the task it was made for. Grilling tasty steaks!!

That is right I cooked up two big ol' steaks for amazing consumption. They were good that is for sure and the spinach salad and cold stella helped out a lot.

I cannot believe it is August and nobody has submitted tasty pics of themselves grilling. So sad.

Anyways have yourself a great evening.

Chillin & Grillin


We spent a lot of time in the backyard again yesterday so that meant more bbq'in of course.

We had some more PC Blue Cheese burgers and corn on the cob. I had a few hot dogs too. Nothing exciting but it was grilling!

Everyone is on their vacations and spending a lot of time outdoors, so there should be pictures of some grilling! Send them in and I will post them for sure.

Have a good Friday.

This week's BBQ picture

Backyardigans again


Yesterday we spent a great deal of time in the backyard, reading, crosswording, card playing, relaxing and of course bbqing!!

Lastnight's meal was blue cheese burgers, corn on the cob and baked potatoes with the mashed middled scooped out mixed up with good stuff and scooped back in!

Very good indeed with some cheese cake for dessert. All in all We were out in the yard for a good five hours. What a great day.

Grilling pic of the week


Nothing exciting


Grilled up some Italien sausages in the rain lastnight. Not too exciting but still worthy of a post.

Send in those pics!

Another back yard event


Lastnight we had Paul and Tara over for a BBQ. Katie knows them through her job at Kings and they are fun to have over. The menu, spicy home made burgers, sweet potato fries and spinach salad.

The burgers:
  • ground beef
  • 3 hot peppers
  • quarter of an onion
  • hot sauce
  • bbq sauce
  • cilantro
  • worchester sauce
  • salt and pepper
After chopping up of course I threw all the ingredients except the beef into a bowl and ground it up with my new muddler. I could smell the heat from the peppers so I knew it was a good move.

I then mixed it up with the ground beef and formed the pattys. They cooked up really nice and were very spicy. Katie said they were the best to date. Woah.

Back to work tomorrow so the grilling may be put on hold for a few days.

Grilling pic of the week


Quick and easy grillin


On Saturday night Katie and I had a nice BBQ meal in the backyard again. No paparazzi pics this time since we just had burgers but they were very tasty once again.

Hoping to step it up this week with something new and fun for the grill.

stay tuned for more and please send me in those pictures of you grillin! It is summer!

Here is a pic to keep you all warm and fuzzy.

It is my friend Kev cottaging up this week.

There is no grill but he looks pretty chill.

Finally a backyard bbq


Lastnight the sun finally came out and we bbq'd up some dinner and enjoyed in in the backyard. I even used the side burner to boil some corn! Burgers were enjoyed and the fresh air was nice.

I am sure this will be the first of many backyard feasts this summer.

Weekend BBQ


So this past weekend we hosted our first bbq and despite the rain and the wet backyard fun was had by all. Due to grilling in the rain there are no action shots of the actual grilling but there are a few of the finished product. Simple meal, burgers and dogs but it is the love and care that you put into them as the griller that makes them what they are!

Gotta get back in the grillin game


Well I have to admit I have been slacking in the grillin department! In the last few weeks with the weather and dining out a lot there has not been a lot of fired meat happinin!

I did cook some sausages last week for my parents but that was nothing exciting. They tasted great but it was not worth a picture I guess.

We did visit my parents trailer and my dad bbq'd up some tasty chicken burgers so I have some shots of that.

This weekend we are holding our first bbq with guests so that will be worth blogging.

Please check in for that and I hope to get some more pictures of others grillin the good fight as well.

Take care for now

Cool BBQ stuff


Enjoy outdoor dining this summer with the adjustable height barbeque to suit all needs.
The Universal Grill is a durable and modern real fuel barbeque, designed to look good and be hard-wearing, and offer you a range of options to suit your needs and preferences. This stylish metal barbeque is adjustable to three different heights, making it the ideal choice for barbeques at home or on holidays.

3 Piece Aluminium & Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Kit

A durable canvas and suede construction this
apron also has an adjustable leather waist belt and neck strap as well as suede pockets.

Italien grillin


Well the rain finally let up and the sun was shining so of course it was time to get grillin!

Last night we cooked up some italien sausages covered in various sauces and spices. Tossed them in some large toasty buns and it was a tasty meal!

The grill was sure happy to see us, it had not been used in the month of June yet. Great day for a bbq and everyone though 6/6/6 was goin to be a bad day!

My parent arrive today so there will be a lot of bbq news and pics to come I am sure.

Ka-bob's your uncle


Lastnight we cooked up some pre-made pork ka-bobs from Sobeys. I rolled them in some bbq sauce before hand and toss them on the fire. They cooked up pretty good and were pretty juicy with flavor. Another great feast from the grill.

Words to live by


submitted by Kyle.

Kyle has three loves in life (maybe a few more) his drink, his tunes and his meat! Here is a motto that Kyle lives his life by and he will be sending in some grilling action shots soon.

meat lovers unite!

More Grillers!


Submitted by Tony.

Tony has some serios grillin skills that I have seen first hand out back of good ol' 1796 Bloor back in the day. He takes his meat like he takes his drinkin........serious and often!

Please enjoy the pictures of Tony and his OC crew having some ummm Beef ribs..... Uraguaian style.

Slow week for grilling but that will change


Hi there, it was a slow week on the grill but that was only because I was working. Lastnight we had steak again and it turned out even better than before!

I want to thank JPR for playing along and sending in a picture. I only hope more people will do so soon.

Things to look forward too? We picked up some ka-bobs for tomorrow night so stay tuned for that.

Fellow Grillers


Here will be pictures of fellow griller showing off their stuff. Please email in your picture of you grilling or maybe your meat on the grill or a recipe. I hope to have a long list one day. Thank you.

The Grillin Gang

JPR and his pulled pork on the takes about 6
hours--and is it ever good.

So to continue the weekend of bbq'in yesterday we prepped a tray of chicken legs for grillin. Four legs we soaked in a pineapple sizzle maranade and two we threw into a baggy with some tasty bbq sauce. They soaked up all day and last night after the Pistons won it was time to fire up the barby!

They turned out very cajun like but very tasty none the less.

We had some rice with it and it was a great long weekend dinner, the best part is there is a lot of left overs!

Two words - Steak rub!


Yesterday was a great day for grilling, a long weekend, sunshine and a chance to go to the grocery store and getting all the goods.

We decided to have steak and test out the bbq with that and some baked tators. The key to the whole meal was that we picked up some steak rub at the grocery store. If you have not tried this I highly suggest it, it made the steak so tasty!

I trhew some spices and such in the baked potatos tooa and wrapped them up in foil. They turned out real nice too.

Here is all the photos from the grillin. Hope you had a good Saturday of bbq fun as well.

sausage party


No not that kind of sausage party! Last night we cooked up some hot-italian sausages on the grill and they were pretty tasty. I also wedged up some sweet potatos and seasoned them with chipotle chili powder, wrapped them in foil and threw them on the grill too. They were oh so tasty.

Add a side spinach salad and thats what was for dinner on Kline last night. The weather is great no so it is time for a lot of grilling. I hope you all have your grill working in over drive too.

Please send in those pics of you grilling and I will add them to the page.

have a grillin good day

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